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Top Ten Free Poker Tips How To Stop Losing

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Free poker or buy in poker – it really doesn’t matter. The point is, you don’t want to lose! Well, here are ten great tips on how to stop and start!

1. Don’t play too many hands. If you are playing hands that are likely to lose then fold them and stop playing them. Beginners are better playing good hands such as high pairs or high card connectors (example QK). You will stand a better chance of winning situs casino.

2. Playing your hands wrongly in the wrong position. Positioning is one of the most important aspects of poker and the most neglected. a 10 pair may be a good starting hand, but do you play them the same way every position? Late position has an advantage over the early position you can see how your opponents react pre-flop. Rule of thumb – Play lowerer hands in late position than in early position.

3. You are not 100% playing Stop. If you are exhausted from a long day at work or too many drinks then don’t play. Even if you are in a bad mood, don’t play. As you wont play, you will probably have your time and cash.

4. Bluffing too much. Bluffing is cool when you manage to pull off one, win a pot when you don’t. But … do you have to bluff so often? Are you bluffing for the sake of bluffing? Buffing is a more experienced player for a strategy. For beginners, avoid them until you learn more about the game.

5. Ignoring the pot odds and card odds. These are the two essential tools that help you decide whether to bet, raise, call or fold. Master them well! If the poker is essentially a gamble, then the hope is that you will get the desired result when the river comes even though you should get involved in the first place. Master the odds and make the right mathematical decisions!

6. Failure to Read the Board. It is important to know what is the best hand you can make from community cards. But do you know what your opponent is probably holding? Is he holding a better hand than you? When you hit the flop you have 2 pairs but what could your opponents be holding? Straights or flush draws?

7. Poor bankroll management. There is a term called “variance” called poker. It simply means that there are times when you have a bad run or you received lousy hands. To cushioned variance, you need to have a certain bankroll before you are playing at a table. Playing the wrong table with too many limitations will make you bankroll the result of one thing – your bankroll being wiped out.

8. Don’t Play High Limits. The better players are the higher limits tables and if you are new to poker, they will literally wipe the floor with you. Keep your money where you have the chance of winning and stick to the lower limit tables. If you want some high limits then go to some free poker where you wont lose your own money.

9. Playing poker is not just about playing your cards well but also your opponents! You have a different strategy to adopt. Some players are loose passive, loose aggressive, tight passive and tight aggressive.

10. Finally, take it easy. Don’t get carried away with a few rounds of winning after the game. There will always be a better player out there than yourself, so keep that grounded. Poker is a game that takes minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. Don’t expect you can master it overnight. Try to learn from experienced poker players, books, videos.

I look forward to seeing you at the free poker games tables soon. Good luck with the game!

Nick, originally from the UK now lives in Sweden with wife Lena, 2 daughters and a Border Terrier called Gunnar. He is a freelance poker games site for marketing manager NoPayPOKER and publishes free online poker tips videos on YouTube as well as free poker tips blogs where you can learn about poker and find out more about free poker sites.

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